Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Firefox Mobile 7.0 final released for N900 and Android

Mozilla released firefox mobile 7 final version for maemo powered N900 with long waited copy paste feature and many more. Download it now.

Screenshot taken with N900.

What's New in Firefox for Mobile

The latest version of Firefox for mobile has the following changes:
  • Copy & Paste - Text selection in web content: Long tap in a web page and start selecting text using the familiar Android-style drag handles. This was a top request by Firefox users
  • Added a ‘Quit’ action to the Android menu: exit the browser with one tap. When you restart Firefox, you can quickly continue where you left off by restoring all or individual tabs from your previous session. This was another very frequent feature request from mobile Firefox users
  • Use Firefox in your language: When Firefox starts for the first time, it detects the language setting of your Android device and automatically switches to that language, if Firefox supports it. You can switch Firefox to a different language with a single tap
  • Improved image rendering on Tegra-based tablets and phones (see bug 669851)
  • The WebSocket API is now available in Firefox for Android (see bug 537787)
  • Firefox for Android is built on the same rendering engine as Firefox for desktop computers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Harmattan Concept Lockscreen

Everyone saw the new swipe on Harmattan powered N950 and wishes to have that in N900. "Niqbal" of made a Harmattan Concept Lockscreen for your N900. You can active it as your default lockscreen through QtLockscreenconfig. If you want to unlock your phone just swipe the picture to the right just like in harmattan. Here's some screenshots:
direct .deb download: click here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Themes for QtLockscreen member "laith mustafa" made two themes for qtlockscreen. These themes can be activated through QtLockscreenConfig.

iPhone theme:

iPhone theme has two versions. One with the media player and other without the MP.

 Android theme:

Media player in the android theme was added by me.

Configure your Qtlockscreen with qtlockscreenconfig

 Qtlockscreenconfig makes it easier to select active theme and configure your qtlockscreen. It also gives you the option for preview a selected theme. It is very handy application to configure the qtlockscreen.


Discussion page:

Replace your old lockscreen with qtlockscreen

If you are bored from old lock screen of your N900 and want something new and refreshing replacement you can try the Qtlockscreen for your maemo powered N900.

Wiki page for the Qtlockscreen:
Video uploaded by (F2thaK)
Change log:
Discussion page:
Direct download: