Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twimgo Upgraded to 3.0

The awesome twitter client "Twimgo" created by Qt guru Tommi Laukkanen is back in the game with the fix of Direct Message & more other improvments. People who are using previous version having problem with DM because of xAuth. Twimgo 3.0 now supports OAuth. So DM works very nicely. I have tested the latest version in my N900 and it was very fast & smooth. Download the latest binaries for MeeGo Harmattan, Maemo, Symbian^3 and S60 FP5 from the project site: projects.developer.nokia.com/twimgo

Changes & Improvements :
  • OAuth support
  • Annoying sound notification removed
  • Optional light theme
  • Improved speed (Harmattan N950/N9)
  • Rounded corners in UI (Harmattan N950/N9)
  • Nokia Pure Symbols