Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nokia Suite beta Updated to 3.2.98

Nokia Suite beta just updated from 3.2.66 to 3.2.98 with lots of bug fixed and improvements. It is still in beta version and ready for tester. If you want to test it download today.

Official changelog:
- Several crash error corrections
- Many other error corrections
- Localization error corrections
- Improvements for phone software update wizard
- Sync performance improvements (sync performance logging was disabled from Nokia Suite Beta builds)
- Several graphics corrections
- Maps error corrections
- Several proxy related issues were corrected
- Improvements in log gathering

Please update to Nokia Suite 3.2.98 by using Nokia Suite's own update mechanism (Tools > Software updates). You can also download it directly from Try it page. You do not have to uninstall older versions before installing.

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