Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Opera Mobile 11.5 beta for Maemo

Your favorite mobile browser Opera Mobile updated to 11.5 beta with Data Usage option. Now you can track how much data you are using and how much you are saving. There is a dedicated page for Data Usage under Help menu. No official changelog yet but some keyboard shortcuts were included and there is now option to change user agent from Mobile to Desktop which is located in settings menu. New Opera Mobile feels more snappier, smoother and faster in surfing.

keyboard shortcuts:
CTRL+E Activate search box
CTRL+I Zoom in
CTRL+O Zoom out
CTRL+B Go back in history
CTRL+F Go forward in history
CTRL+S Stop loading page
CTRL+R Reload page

Download now and Install it from Maemo Extra-Devel repository.

Opera Mobile 11.5 for Android change log (not everything applies to Maemo)

  • Added Data Usage view
  • Implemented adding bookmarks to Home Screen
  • Implemented support for inline HTML5 video on Honeycomb devices
  • Implemented import of system bookmarks
  • Fixed problem with Cookies disappearing during the browser session
  • Fixed problem with Out of Memory when login to Link account
  • Fixed problem with Flash not working on HC devices after 11.00 update of Flash player
  • Various fixes for font problems
  • Various stability and performance fixes
  • Cache stored on SD
  • Updated Mobile core to 2.9.201
  • Permissions: See

Opera Mobile core 2.9.201 change log 
  • ECMAScript 5.1, including strict mode
  • Optimized memory consumption of JS engine
  • HTML5 microdata
  • New IDNA specification implemented
  • Network performance improvements
  • CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item
  • SVG optimizations
  • Support the intermediate state for Checkboxes

Opera Mobile updated with the fix for HW keyboard shortcut bug and improvements.

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