Saturday, April 27, 2013

Control infrared devices with Pierogi for N900

The Pierogi universal infrared remote controller is a single self-contained app capable of sending IR commands to a wide variety of devices. At the moment, it is oriented towards television, VCR, DVD, and Blu-ray devices, but a few other types of device have had their command sets entered.

Main Window

The main features of this app are:
  • A self-contained database of IR codes for a variety of popular devices, based mainly on the LIRC remote control database
  • Independence from the LIRC server -- no need to keep the server running (or even installed) to use Pierogi, unlike other remote control software
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • The ability to remember your favorite remote control keysets
  • Automated Keyset Search

Automated Keyset Search

I tried this software in my N900. It worked like a charm. First I tried on my TV with manually changing keyset. It didn't work. Then I found the most important & most useful feature of this application that is "Automated Keyset Search". When I pressed the Start Automatic search button it was changing the keysets while the Power Key was pressed. So when the screen of my TV gone black I quickly pressed the "Pause Search" key & I got my TV compatible keyset. Everything worked just fine.

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