Monday, October 24, 2011

[Sneak Peak] Whats coming to N9 Firmware Update

 Konttori (the Coach for Harmattan Applications Framework) hinted in a recent post about upcoming update for our beloved N9 and we can read "around 3500 improvements (fixes or features) to be in the release" (PR1.1 and PR1.2 combined i guess) , i didn't want to post about that until having some "facts" about what can we expect really to be addressed, and here we are with some of them, but first of all, you should know there'll be like 3 future firmware updates for the N9 in the future PR1.1, PR1.2 and PR1.3, maybe more, but that's for know and it's enough to use the device for daily use for 2 years ;) 

Anyway, 308 task or features were completed for 1.1, you should know that PR1.1 is all about being faster, stronger, better. It succeeded on all metrics, reliability, use time, performance, long period use. All metrics for 1.1 are simply outstanding based on Konttori comments and hints ! 


- Low power mode enhancemens, battery charging and silent profile are now shown in there.
- Tons of NFC and connectivity improvements.
- Performance enhancements.
- Visual tuneups (e.g. toolbar has a shadow now).
- Splash screen has been taken to wider use.
- Color management is less nervous than before (neutral sRGB space color palette is now used always, except in clearly outdoor situations, when oversaturation is applied to adjust how eye desaturates content in brightness).

- Lock screen music controls has been added (It's in the top of the screen and at least I'm pleased with how nicely a nuance the controls look. Currently playing song is on big friendly letters, replacing clock when you are playing music). 

- Swype keyboard has been added. 
- Keyboard switching is very smooth with swipe gesture.
- Battery notification was tuned for 1.1 and should come every 2 minutes while in call, every 5 minutes when display on and every 30 minutes when display off.
- Turning device to landscape is supported allover UI it seems.
- Double tap was re-tuned a bit for 1.1. It's a bit more reliable again.
- Tons of exchange fixes
- Facebook starts faster and has tons of fixes in both 1.1 and 1.2. I'd say it's bearable in 1.1.
- wifi in general has been improved by leaps and bounds in 1.1.
- Magnifier works in 1.1 much better than in 1.0.
- Swipe-to-close is enabled by default in 1.1

For the PR1.2 it is officially feature enhancement release, so, it contains a lot of new things. :

- Universal copy paste is coming in.
- Swipe-to-close and more logical and visual in 1.2.
- Implementation of decoder enhancements for h264
- Folders will come in 1.2 to home screen. And it's not only apps that need it. If you start using bookmarks a bit more, it's really irritating to not to have bookmarks. Guys in Oulu say that the work should be complete for the feature, so it's about 3 weeks to have decent polish on it. It's one of the "big" features of 1.2

Not sure yet if this could make is way on a future update :

- More games will definitely come, but none is HD, as the screen is WVGA 
- Somebody should do numeric T9.
- Not sure if the birthday support is coming or not. I think it is, but not sure
- No comments on video call (included skype)
- Bigger avatar on calls perhaps coming in 1.2
- Push notifications (on mentions and retweets in the Twitter app) were supposed to come
- Contacts as shortcuts is possible, simple to be done, but not in the books at the moment. Please write to nokia care about that. And create a bug.
- Java support is not going to come officially.
- Flash support may come.
- Voice control was in the cards, but we eventually dropped it. Not coming, sorry.
- upcoming calendar notifications has been discussed a lot. I can't remember why it's not there, but there was some reason for it...
- Browser toolbar in landscape should indeed be at the bottom. We are planning to get it to autohide in 1.2, but no promises (it's not on the top of the to-do list)


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