Monday, December 26, 2011

TwimGo 3.0.9 with Read it Later support for N9/N950/N900

Qt guru Tommi Laukkanen updates his twitter application TwimGo to 3.0.9 as a holiday gift for N9/N950/N900 users.

Few months have passed since the last releases. We are starting to build a house so that project will take some of my spare time every now and then.
During the last few days I have coded TwimGo v3.0.9 which includes something new: Read it Later support, which makes it easy to store interesting links so that you can read them later for example with another device. It works like this:
  1. Open tweet which includes interesting link
  2. Click “Read it Later…”
  3. Read it Later opens in browser and you can add tags if you want
  4. Press “Save” 

 There are also few other fixes and improvements in TwimGo 3.0.9:
  • Read it Later support – You can now easily add interesting links to your Read it Later list so you can read them on better time with your computer or tablet
  • Translations – There are now few translation like Turkey, Finnish, Italian and Swedish
  • Slightly larger profile picture in profile view – Requested in issue #46
  • Loading indicator is now using platform style busy indicator from Qt Quick Components
  • Location sharing fixed on N9 and N950
Download binary to your N9/N950/N900 from:

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