Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enable Landscape Support for Home Screens in Nokia N9


The N950 and the N9, or at least the current software builds, come with landscape mode support enabled in selected applications only. This does not include the "home screens". It is especially inconvenient on the N950 with its hardware keyboard while it is open...

Hopefully Nokia will enable landscape support accross the whole UI in upcoming firmware upgrades.

To get landscape support you have to manually modify the corresponding CSS file. You can do it as follows:
  • launch X-Terminal. If you can't find its icon, you'll need to enable it first by switching on the Developer Mode in Settings / Security
  • type devel-su and then rootme as password to become root
  • type nano /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/
  • scroll down until you reach locked-orientation: "portrait"; delete the word portrait & change it to locked-orientation: "";
  • tap the on-screen Ctrl button and then press X on the keyboard
  • confirm that you want to save the file by pressing Y (disable the still pressed on-screen Ctrl button first) and then press Enter
  • reboot the phone.

Enjoy your home screens automatically rotating their orientation!


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