Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nokia to release two Lumia 800 updates to fix battery issue

Lumia 800 is a sophisticated and capable Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone released recently by Nokia. Apparently, some users have started to complain about battery issues with the mobile phone soon after the device hit shelves, and Nokia already kicked off an investigation on the matter.

Nokia has issued the following statement in response to some customers’ questions about the power consumption of their Nokia Lumia devices:

“ We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800.  Early investigations show that the majority of people are enjoying the full Nokia Lumia experience without any problems.  A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.  Both are planned updates and will be made available via Zune.  We recommend that anyone who still has concerns contact local Nokia care representatives at their earliest convenience.”

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